Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A green thing

Share her green life change! I spent over 3 years working in green living tips now and has been a very rewarding experience. On this site has opened my eyes was how a green of my life, and in some respects, remains.

As I mentioned in other articles, such as "Green happy medium" and "Greener than you", sometimes the journey may seem very slow and not that much progress is being made in comparison to other friends sé.Es those times to try to think back to the changes I made in the past 12 months.

Sometimes we do not have time to make major changes or the recursos.Pero that we can keep forward motion with small changes - some have perhaps we have not thought of before.

With more than one hundred thousand people visiting this site every month; I'm sure that there are thousands of "mini-greening" ideas I am yet to discover that I and other readers could benefit.

This is where you come in.

I invite you to share a color change green in his life in the past 12 months with others through the reader comments below.

It can be a huge and complex change, or a small, simple.puede be a tip mentioned elsewhere on this site.It may be a change that is cheap, expensive or libre.puede be a few paragraphs or only a few lines.

The aim of this is to generate a single thread of short, easy to digest tips people have applied in their own lives and can be a source of inspiration to otros.Incluso if the change seems very basic not uncommon for people to lose by doing basic things while pursuing more complex changes.