Thursday, March 4, 2010

New USDA Organic Livestock Rules

Many are prepared a premium price for organic products for which additional security numbers what you buy is a more healthy, "humane" and environmentally friendly product people.

However, organic food can be described very be for consumers try to interpret it be confusing and many people even deliberately are sorted space of layers "organic" regarding the name.

While labelling difficult to understand may be, can trying to do policies that farmers face whole, with some production loopholes at the expense of other farmers are Höllenfahrt, which provide the right companies, you and the end user.

A few weeks, the revised U.S. Department of Agriculture announced to help rules for access to organic livestock operations, some of these loopholes close pasture.

The main components of the rule include:

-Tiere must aufschürfen pasture in a holding season must be at least 120 days per year;

-Tiere must get at least 30% dry matter intake, from pasture during the operation season pastures;.

Manufacturer have requirements for the operation a pasture management, planning and managing pasture as a culture of feed animals and for protection of soil and water quality

Animal exempt from the 30 percent dry intake requirements during the finish feeding time to 120 days not überschreiten.Tiere must have access to the pasture during the finishing phase.

120 Days? I have never really take into account the cattle probably from the paddocks 365 days a year in some können.Als are parts of the world for "I finish feeding period" have no idea, what is either, it research; more for me or perhaps someone with the terminology familiar to clarify that the following how could function of comments.

The USDA says the final rule will be consumer confidence, organic milk or cheese fire comes from cows on pasture and one family organic farmers assure that it is consistent pasture standard that applies to dairy products.