Thursday, February 25, 2010

How can your skylights be efficient?

Do you love me, what role in energy efficiency Sun and heat that offer skylights but question at home?

Skylights can some of the benefits of energy saving, but there are considerations many things to avoid some common skylight lapses.

Skylights allow sunlight in our rooms of life from above without your protection to neglect skylights can supply ample daylight the consumption of energy used for lighting in the Interior rooms with no direct access to outer Windows reduce.

Is therefore functions should look to enjoy the benefits and minimize which could have negative side-effects, the skylights?Note following when assessing skylights to ensure are a brilliant feature in your home.

Types of skylight

There are three main Oberlichter.der first is the skylight cooling can be opened by a typical manivela.Son in kitchens and baths to ventilation. because of increased offers hot air ventilation, skylights can passive cooling to a room in summer.

A fixed skylight is no opened.It is used to provide light but can provide no ventilation.

Finally a tubular skylight allows light to enter the space, but reducing heat loss and excessive heat gain Sun because skylight area, only 10 to 14 inch diameter.


Search-you skylights in the roof which oriented who provides your home for year round warmth and light of the Sun from the Sun falls year (true for Northern Hemisphere), in warmer climate where heat is a concern but the roof of the South during most of the .Sin, locate North ceiling allows to reduce the benefits of natural light, but Sonnenwärme profit and the subsequent cooling of the House need-oriented skylight.

Water leaks can cause a problem with Oberlichter.nach are all essentially a hole in the techo.Cuidado installation is key to minimize losses of water, the Energy Department recommends that you install on top which skylight install its roof area, to avoid a brake and shaky and hermetically sealed joints of a roof filtration.

Energy performance

A skylight energy efficiency is another factor that should be cuenta.Mientras from plastic and single panel skylights glass crystals together are, evil, if there is energy to efficiency geht.statt find a kind of glass skylights; Sonnenwärme control, the three most common types of nuances of absorption of heat insulating coating glass and Baja e.

Tints reduce the absorption of heat.