Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looking for a House of existing green? Start the ListedGreen

So you want to buy an existing green home but don't know where to look? Or perhaps the greenwash some use to distinguish because of a relationship market concerned? ListedGreen is the Redeemer.

Founder Dave Syring saw a number of problems with existing major multiple listing service-platforms (by agents of real estate, houses for sale post uses); were Chief among them agents roots can only the property access to offers and no green homes.Therefore last March were dedicated, Syring took questions in own hands and ListedGreen started, MLS exclusively for green houses and propiedades.Esto is a sustainable Earth, your servers powered by solar energy for your contributions to Global Green USA.

But the key is the accessibility and quality control... are visit to platforms that limited property agents roots traditional MLS, ListedGreen is open to the public for viewing, making it easy to find, evaluate ideal property.To display a property owner or agent send your ad to a low $ 20 per month.

But the list is not as easy as by de.Syring screens of each property presentation for your qualities of efficiency of energy and green before the offering on the Web site pay your way.