Friday, February 26, 2010

Organic Cotton Cultivation

Using standard current cultivation methods, it takes nearly a third of a pound (140 grams) of fertilizers and pesticides to produce enough cotton for a single camiseta.Esto is almost the weight of the shirt of itself.

In addition, seven common pesticides used in cotton or suspected or confirmed carcinogens.

It has developed modern cotton industry, insects and weeds have become increasingly more resistant to pesticides, meaning that more of these highly toxic chemicals need be used.

In regards to water at least 925 gallons (around 3,500 litres) are required to produce a single pound of cotton; and 60 % of water used for irrigation of cotton is lost to evaporation and pobres.El Aral Sea in Russia, which was one of the world's largest freshwater lakes irrigation practices has virtually dried due to the water diverted for irrigation of cotton.

Somewhere in the region of 79 million acres of land is currently used for the production of cotton at world. According to Wikipedia, Cotton covers 2.5 % of cultivated land in the world but used 16 % of insecticides in the world, more than any other single main crop.

The environment has paid a huge price for our demand for cotton.