Friday, February 26, 2010

Uses of wood ash

friendly option for heating (see my article on timber and firewood purchase heaters) land and quite economically; especially if you're lucky to have easy access to a supply of wood.

You left a fire wood ashes are also a valuable by-product and versatile-not only throw them indiscriminately; here are some great uses his ashes! by regular exercise appropriate caution, inks flat test etc. etc. etc..:.

Auxiliary Fire

Coal pieces should not delete your chimney if possible, only the ash - will help their next fire and get to the engine by means of the decent crank starting kick coal heating much faster than if a fire starts only with wood alone.Also could save it and use it to summer barbecues instead of using some of the commercial products that sometimes have chemicals toxic aggregates (see my article related more green coal).


Left on coal (the black pieces, not gray ash and white) can be struck with a hammer and then grind to a fine with a mortar dust and hand or licuadora.Esto, then can be used as a medium filtrante.Tenga account that is not quite the same/effective as activated carbon purchase, so do not rely on it to filter water.

Deterrent pest

Sprinkle ash around the garden beds border to repel snails and babosas.Esto will be applied after rain.


Wood of be ash used as an agent/anti icing - a little more respectful with the environment than the chemicals of salt or other used these days

Do Sosa

Soda is used in the production of biodiesel and SOAP - ash produced by the combustion of wood white hard is better for this purpose learning to do laundry bleach water here.


Add a dusting of ash wood to each layer of your stack of compost as you are building.


Ash contains (potassium carbonate) potash, phosphate, iron, manganese, boron, copper and zinc and can be very beneficial as natural fertilizer... to wood veces.Ceniza increases the pH or alkalinity of soil, so use with moderation. I made the mistake of applying a stack it in an area full of limestone - and guess what's in ash - lime (calcium oxide) .it was the smarter movement and I do not believe that nothing will be growing there for a time black coal slightly different is that you have a much higher proportion of carbon - so you can use more freely.


Pieces of coal in a perforated with holes can help reduce humidity in areas such as cabinets, basements, under sinks etc.


Dip a damp cloth in ash and use to clean the silver, brass and vidrio.agregado to a scourer ash can give his scouring oomph slightly more.

If you intend to envelope the use of ash wood and carbon, sure of do not yield icky bits as plastics, cigarette butts and such (which you should not do anyway) in your fireplace or wood heater as it may contaminarlo.Ceniza must also be stored in a container of metal with a so-called tapa.Por, must wait for to cool before use to any of the above purposes.